2019 Grade 8 applications open

Head Boy

Sean Moodley

I have been honoured and fortunate to be a part of the St Peter’s College family since my first day of Grade 8 orientation. From that very day, the passion and care that the students of the College showed was contagious and spread throughout the whole grade. Our students have full control of how they benefit from their time at the College. The staff members are always more than willing to help and cherish the young minds of this generation and develop them into exciting individuals.

The College’s four core values: Respect, Relationships, Responsibility and Resilience are visible throughout a St Peter’s College student’s life both in and out of school. The one thing we are at the College is a family and every student counts. The recent introduction of our fourth core value Resilience, demonstrates the grit of the St Peter’s College student that takes them to the top of their desired areas whether it be on the sports field, in the cultural areas, public speaking, different art forms, as well as maintaining a great academic standard.

We, at St Peter’s take huge pride and honour in our school and anything the College does is all about the badge. This is a major contributor to the growth of St Peter’s and sees our sporting and cultural teams punch high above our weight and succeed.

As the Head Boy of St Peter’s College for the 2017 year, I am excited and proud to maintain the image of St Peter’s College around the whole of South Africa. I continue to strive to give my all to the College as I have for the past four years and help the College reach new exceptional heights.