Our Approach to Thinking at St Peter's Prep Schools

  • July 25, 2017 | Greg Royce: Rector

Research has shown, time and again, that businesses and organisations encouraging the most effective thinking techniques are generally more successful than their competitors.

St Peter’s:

  • has been teaching thinking techniques for over 20 years (since 1995)
  • intentionally teaching techniques to improve decision-making, curbing the effect of the emotion, improving problem-solving and creativity
  • uses a combination of techniques including de Bono CoRT skills and Thinking Maps (Charles Adams)
  • was one of only two schools visited by Dr de Bono on his two visits to South Africa
  • was recognised as the first Thinking School in Africa and possibly the southern hemisphere by the University of Exeter in 2014
  • produced the first trainers in thinking skills, accredited by Thinking Schools South Africa (TSSA)
  • has integrated thinking techniques across this curriculum and in management

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